Temporary Covid-19 policy changes 

UPDATE April 2021:  At the moment we are closed in line with Government guidance.   When we re-open next week we have taken the reluctant decision to limit bookings to a minimum of 5 days and preferably a week and you will notice that our pricing policy reflects this.   This is due to the extra work involved in ensuring that we maintain all the standards that will protect you and us.

Over the last year we have agonised over Government guidelines, cleaning protocols, cleaning schedules and risk assessments in order to re-open Sunrise Cottage to our guests as safely as is possible and practicable.   What has become clear is that there is a fine line between providing a covid-19 free environment and a comfortable holiday property. If we do nothing we’re at risk of encouraging the spread of the disease once more but if we go too far Sunrise Cottage will lose its comfortable welcome and will not be an inviting holiday home.

All self-catering holiday cottage owners will have made their own decisions on how to achieve a safe environment while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable home from home.    We are therefore telling you what we have done or not done and allowing you to make the decision as to whether our standards are those that suit your family.

One of the reasons for this is that you will have already done a personal risk assessment as to whether it is right for you and your family to leave your home and travel to Cumbria where you will no doubt want to visit our local shops, cafes and attractions.  By the very nature of leaving the safety of your own home you will be taking calculated risks and we are therefore inviting you to read through the precautions we have taken and assess the risk of staying at Sunrise Cottage.

We are also mindful of the constantly shifting guidelines and that what you think will work for you now might not be right in a few months’ time.  Or there may be another lock-down imposed which is totally out of your or our control. Normally we would advise you to take out insurance to cover such eventualities but it seems that most policies are not covering cancellations as a result of Covid-19.

These are the changes we’ll be making.   These plans may change as new information comes to light or new legislation is imposed so keep an eye on our website for further updates.    We will also update you by email prior to your booking.

Cleaning and house preparation

In order to be able to air the property for as long as possible and to implement the extra changeover routines that we now have in place we are asking guests to arrive after 5 p.m. and to leave by 9.30 at the latest.   We can give you the names of local restaurants and cafés serving breakfasts (mainly take-away at the moment but this is changing rapidly).

As the new cleaning protocols for holiday cottages dictate that we should change all bedding between guests whether used or not we should be grateful if you would let us know which beds you will be using and we will only make up those that will be occupied!   This not only saves our time but also the environment by cutting out extra laundry.

Crockery and Cutlery:

We will put enough crockery and cutlery as you will need for your first meal through the dishwasher on a hot wash and leave it there for you to use.   In this way you will know that these items at least are completely safe to use.   There will still be plenty of clean crockery, etc. in the cupboards and it will be up to you to decide if you wish to re-wash this before use.



The TV and Remote controls will be sanitised between every set of guests.


Standard cleaning:

Our cleans will be to our normal high standard, with the addition of any hard surfaces being cleaned with an anti-viral cleaner.    We will also leave an anti-viral spray at the property for your use, should you want to clean any surfaces yourself upon arrival or during your stay.

Books, games and DVDs:

We recognise that it will be impossibly time-consuming to clean every page of every book or every item of a game every week. We did consider removing all these items but felt that this would reduce your holiday experience.   We have therefore decided to leave them all in the dresser and let you make your own decision whether to use them or bring your own.

Soft Furnishings: Sofas, throws, cushions

All scientific evidence thus far is that Covid-19 cannot live on fabric for more than a few hours. The leather settees will be wiped down between guests and we will change the cushions and throws every week so they will not have been used for 7 days prior to your stay.


We have purchased additional quilt, pillow and mattress protectors and in additional to the normal bedding these will be changed and laundered between each set of guests.

If you would prefer to bring your own quilts and pillows together with their covers and sheets we will remove everything except clean mattress protectors prior to your arrival.   These must remain on the beds, regardless of any bedding you bring yourselves.   You’re welcome to put your own protectors over the top of ours if you prefer.   If you wish to choose this option we will deduct £10 per person from your booking fee but please let us know at least a week prior to arrival.

Payment and Refund Policy:

In order to confirm a booking we are asking for a 20% deposit as usual with the balance now due not less than two weeks prior to your stay.   If, however, there is another lockdown or any other Covid-19 related reason for late cancellation (either by you or us) we will refund all payments.   If you have to cancel due to Covid-19 we should be grateful if you would let us know as quickly as possible in order that we can try to re-let your dates.   You will appreciate that this method of operation leaves us very vulnerable to last minute loss of income through no fault of our own.

Development of Covid-19 symptoms during your stay

If any of your party develops symptoms during your stay at Sunrise Cottage we request that the whole party returns home immediately to self-isolate.   This will give us time to air the cottage for as long as possible before cleaning for the next guests.   We regret that, in the unfortunate event that you or your driver is too unwell to leave, resulting in self-isolation at Sunrise Cottage, we will have to charge you the cost of refunding/finding other accommodation for the next guests who will be unable to come.

We hope this addresses any concerns you may have about staying with us and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The following is a link to businesses that are re-opening on Alston Moor.   This is constantly being updated.   http://alstonmoorhealth.org/guide/

There is also a QR code you can scan for up to date information:
















Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you to Sunrise Cottage.



We hope this addresses any concerns you may have about staying with us and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you to Sunrise Cottage.

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