We don’t like having lots of rules and regulations because we realise that dogs are very much part of people’s families, however Sunrise Cottage is very much part of our family so please look after it for us.  


Also some of our guests will be visiting without dogs.


We thought it only fair that as a prospective visitor, our House Rules for Dogs should be plainly stated so you can decide if Sunrise Cottage is right for you and your pet/s.


Please can we ask you to:


Please clean up after your dog/s – both inside and out.   Please bag and bin all deposits as we often have families with children staying at Sunrise.   In case you run out, poo-bags are provided in the kitchen drawer.


The North Pennines AONB is famous for its wonderful walks and countryside but alongside that comes rain and mud on occasion.   If your dog/s are wet and muddy please towel them down before coming in and keep them in the kitchen until they are clean and dry.   If you run out of your own dog towels there are spares on the shelf in the kitchen.


We would prefer the dogs to remain on the floor but if you do like your dog/s to curl up with you on settees then please bring and use your own throws.   There are some provided for emergencies on the dog shelf in the kitchen.


Dogs are not allowed upstairs nor in the downstairs bedroom.


Leaving your dog/s alone in the cottage – we would prefer this is only done in the kitchen area and only if you are confident that your dog/s will settle if left alone in a strange place or they are happy in crates.   If you know they can be destructive or reactive when they are left alone, or they suffer from separation anxiety, please do not leave them unsupervised for any period - including in the garden where they may bark at passers-by.   It’s just not fair on your dog/s (or on us if they cause damage).   In the unlikely event of your dog/s causing any damage, this will be taken from your damage/security deposit (see general conditions).  


There are some toys, a spare lead and some temporary dog-tags provided on the shelf.   Please return them at the end of your stay.


End of doggy house rules!!   We are confident that our guests are responsible dog owners and considerate human beings and will look after Sunrise for us.   This has certainly been our experience to date.


And, finally, if you get home and find you have some lovely photos of your dog/s enjoying their holiday we would love to see them and put them on our Facebook page.




January 2017