Still no building work started! The snow came, then more snow came, then we had blizzards and Storm Emma came in and piled all the snow into mountainous drifts cutting us off from the world! And still it snowed!

We had walls of snow across the road and it was a week until we could get the car out! In the meantime we had managed to walk round the drifts and get a lift to Nenthead last Sunday when the road opened and helped distribute food to other people still cut off in outlying houses. The ones we couldn't get to with our rucksacks were visited by a Chinook the next day! On Tuesday our road was finally opened from both ends.

Even now we still have drifts of snow and this morning I sank up to my thigh when we took the dogs out! Maybe by Easter the builders can start!

Gudham Gill is missing!

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