A sheep in his arms

Well, eventually it had to happen. After over 15 years of abstinence John finds the pull of going out in all weathers to check on the sheep just too much to resist.

A couple of weeks ago, together with some friends, we went to the market at Carlisle and bought three sheep with twin lambs and today we completed the small flock with another five ewes,each with a single lamb, from Hexham Mart.

After a couple of bids for freedom all are now settling in with the alpacas at Greenends down the road and as soon as John has finished protecting all the trees we've planted and made sure that my vegetable garden is secure they can come up the road and do some grass-cutting for us.

So much for not having any more livestock as they are too tying! We even left the hens and ducks behind in Scotland and just brought bees down to Cumbria.

At least this time if we go away there will be other members of the consortium on call! He still won't let me have another goat though!

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