After 2 1/2 years, a lot of hard work and a running battle with neighbours (rabbit and human) we actually have a vegetable garden!

Year 1

Well, the fruit cage didn't last! Rabbits and voles burrowed underneath it and destroyed all the strawberries and raspberries we'd brought down from Scotland. The neighbour objected to it because we were growing crops on agricultural land (!?!) and then the wind marmelised it!

For the first two years the only crops were potatoes as the rabbits didn't like them. (They even ate the rhubarb leaves which are poisonous!) What they didn't eat they bit the heads off and left on the ground. Oh, we did have a few radishes that they somehow missed!

Year 2


Year 3

This year John has built up the barricades with chicken netting all round the plot and out at rightangles so they can't dig underneath it and has put windproof netting on the outside for a little protection against the elements and we have crops!

We still have potatoes growing outside the vegetable garden and the rabbits still don't like them. Although the sheep used them as a bed that only helped to earth them up and they are looking very healthy. The rhubarb now has a separate enclosure with slated sides which helps it to grow long and succulent and we have had many excellent breakfasts from it!


In a separate part of the ground we now have a pond too which from being a muddy hole has very quickly become a haven for wildlife - and a waterlily for aestheticism!

The polytunnel was finally installed in the spring and although, in order to comply with our neighbour's planning objection, it is not in the ideal place for the wind so had to be shorter than we wanted it, is productive. The conservatory is completed so the lemon tree which has moved house with us twice now has a permanent home and is once again giving us lemons and as somebody once said, "If life gives you lemons, have a gin and tonic"! We certainly follow that creed!


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